AescuLink Rural Services – The virtual home visit

What's the problem? There is an increasing shortage of doctors in rural regions! About half of Germany's population lives in rural areas. Medical care with family doctors is an increasing challenge. Up to 166,000 doctors will be missing in Germany by 2030 (source: pwd White Paper, 2011)

Our solution is called AescuLink! AescuLink is an established system with unique features: its field of application lies beyond regular medical availability, it offers telemedical services from renowned institutions (e.g. Charité Berlin, Trauma Hospital Berlin). AescuLink is a certified medical device of class IIb and covers both medical emergencies and the classic regular care of patients. The intuitive interface can be operated error-free by both laymen and medical personnel.

AescuLink offers real-time telemedicine by simultaneous transmission of audio/video and vital data. The system is hardware independent and compatible with a wide range of medical devices. There is no need for costly adaptation of the existing equipment.