AescuLink Maritime – A professional decision

On the ocean, the next doctor may be thousands of miles away. Most commercial vessels provide a medical station, but no doctor. The „Guidelines of Care for Cruise Ship Medical Facilities“ require the presence of a doctor only for 100 crew members or more.

In the event of an emergency, what are the commanding officers’s options? He may approach the nearest port or request evacuation by ship or helicopter. Both options waste time that could be crucial for the patient and they waste the time and money of the vessel’s owner.
Medical treatment on board is possible , but often medical knoledge and instruments are missing.

GHC offers AescuLink Maritime - a system designed to handle possible medical emergencies on board of large vessels. Vital parameters are transmitted live to the emergency care center. The doctor is connected via video to aides on board and can evaluate measures as they are happening. Logistical decisions can be taken based on an exact medical diagnosis. Crew, owner and customers stand to profit from this global solution.