AescuLink Emergency Services – The doctor is always on board!

What's the problem? An emergency: Every second counts! An emergency doctor is involved in the direct care of the patient in approx. 58% of all emergency operations. In most cases, the emergency doctor does not arrive until after the ambulance has arrived on site. In about 15% of cases, this results in a delay of more than 10 minutes. This delay is extended to up to 30 minutes in the case of additional demands from emergency physicians on site. During this time, paramedics have been left to fend for themselves.

Our solution: AescuLink! AescuLink closes the supply chain for the patient. Already when the emergency call arrives enables the live contact of the emergency doctor to the ambulance. The treatment of the patient at the place of action is supervised by a tele-doctor right from the start and the temporal treatment gap in emergency care is closed so effectively. During the transport all current vital data of the patient are transmitted live. The tele-doctor makes contact via AescuLink to a specialized hospital. The emergency team in the hospital is thus optimally prepared for the arriving patient.