AescuLink Civil Aviation – First class aid

With over two billion passengers a year, medical emergencies in the air all too common. Ever larger airplanes, longer distances and aging passengers all contribute to a continuing increase in the number of emergencies worldwide.

In the case of an emergency, an emergency landing may be necessary. But who can safely make this decision? Only an experienced emergency doctor is able to evaluate the risks with the pilot. Despite the occasional presence of a doctor, sufficient experience in emergencies is much rarer.

AescuLink System - Broschure for Civil Aviation

With AescuLink Civil Aviation, an emergency doctor is always on board.

AescuLink Civil Aviation First Aid is a three step process:
  • Immediate life support
  • Logistical decision whether an emergency landing is necessary and which airports are suitable
  • Monitoring of the passenger and hand-over to ambulance team on the ground

Gapless documentation of the on-board treatment and hand-over of this documentation with the patient allows for continuing treatment of the passenger.

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