AescuLink Offshore Wind – Safe in case of emergency

Working on the platforms of offshore wind farms is demanding and always carries the risk of an accident. In this case, medically trained crew members act as first aiders and paramedics. It depends on their decision whether the crewman concerned can be treated on site or whether transport ashore is necessary.

Evacuating the patient by helicopter or ship is costly and time-critical in acute emergencies. The possibilities of the paramedic on board the platform are limited, an accurate diagnosis is often not possible. Emergency care can be provided, but the caregiver lacks the medical qualifications to make a well-founded assessment of the situation.

With the AescuLink Offshore system, GHC provides a comprehensive solution for the medical care of employees on offshore platforms. The possibility of transmitting all relevant vital data of the patient in real time enables the helper on site to act immediately and correctly. At the same time, he is connected to a qualified emergency doctor on land via the AesuLink system via audio and video. He receives the necessary instructions in real time. The doctor evaluates the collected vital data, makes an accurate diagnosis and makes the decisions for further treatment. Unnecessary and expensive transports of the patient can be avoided.