AescuLink Systems – emergency doctor in the luggage

AescuLink: Approved medical device (Klasse IIb, SW-Risiko-Klasse C) and emergency treatment in accordance with guidelines → All participants are legally protected.

Synchronous multi-way transmission of audio-visual, textual and medical information as well as complete synchronization between control center software, telemedicine software and mission documentation software → No risk of patient mix-ups.

AescuLink transparently integrates professional patient monitors into one system → The UI of the Teledoctor is uniform and thus relieves him, the rescue service can continue to use existing hardware and has the free decision to purchase a new one.

One Teledoctor can operate several RTWs at the same time → Highest effectiveness of the emergency doctor's intervention.

Seamless transition of deployment from outside the RTW´s into the RTW → Avoidance of double hardware infrastructure and breaks in use.