Medical competence and innovative technology

In 2001, GHC was founded as a spin-off of Charite University Hospital. Our mission is to give access to emergency medical assistance to remote locations, particularly where no doctor may be physically present. The assistance provided shall be of the highest standards and we cooperate with Charite and other leading hospitals.

We develop innovative technology in partnership with universities, research centers and partners in industry.

The challenges are significant. Anxiety and stress on the side of the users, a situation where every minute may be relevant, and the complexities of medical issues have to be taken into account. to fulfill these expectations, we develop custom solutions for every area of application.

Emergency systems need to be reliable and robust. We assign high priority to ease of use - medical experts and laymen alike can operate our solutions.

Innovative design and highly accessible techology focus on fast and reliable emergency care. AescuLink System is the missing tool in the traveler’s medicine cabinet.